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So happy I have finally finished my website/blog!! It has taken me far too long to get this up and running. Huge shout out to all who encouraged, pushed and helped me with this! Extra huge shout out to Natalie (nay nay) for helping me get this website going and then some, you are a true life saver!

I am so so excited to start blogging some of my favorite sessions. The first shoot that came to mind would be one of my favorite shoots from 2015, the De Steiger family and their gorgeous 8 week old little girl, Bennett. I wasn’t expecting such a nice super stylish family that cold December day, but I am so glad we were able to capture some family magic. Capturing these special moments is the reason for everything I do. I am so honored to witness family in their element, all the coos, awws and all the beautiful challenges every family faces. We get to really have fun, laugh and learn together while I stand behind the camera and focus on documenting it all, even if it’s only for a short while. These moments will mean so much in the present, near future and forever to have. All those first smiles, giggles, love shared will forever be engraved in your memory by a photograph. When I say I love what I do, it’s an understatement because I have the best opportunity to help you archive your life and that’s just so meaningful.